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Vernal Theatre: LIVE is dedicated to its mission to provide a high quality, intimate, theatrical experience; furnish an excellent venue for artists to express their talents and gain valuable experience; and invest in people by providing a positive place for children and adults to learn and perform.

The standard of excellence is sky high but maintaining such excellence can be costly. Ticket sales only make up a fraction of our revenue each year. The rest is contributed by our people like you. People who care about the arts. People who want to keep them alive and vibrant in our society and small community. We will continue to keep ticket prices affordable while reaching for the stars, but we cannot do it without you!

With your help, this incredible community, family theatre will grow vibrantly, and remain affordable for generations to come.

Join Vernal Theatre: LIVE’s family of supporters today!

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Your donation is now tax-deductible!

We have partnered with Charitable Friends of Ashley Valley, a 501c3 organization, to give back to you as you give to us.

If you have any questions, please call or email.

(435) 219-2987

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We have several sponsorship levels available. Every sponsor helps us make this possible.

If you aren’t interested in becoming a sponsor, we also have the option for you to purchase ad space in one of our programs.

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Tell others about Vernal Theatre: LIVE. By spreading the word about our shows and classes, you can make a difference. Tell others by word-of-mouth, social media, and reviews.

Season 7 Corporate Sponsors

Platinum Sponsor

Evans Family Media

Diamond Sponsor

Kent & Gayle Brown

Gold Sponsors

Cedar Bear Liquid Herbal Supplements
Copy Stop
Lon & Janet Pearson
Reed Hansen
Vernal Chamber of Commerce

Silver Sponsors

Joie Madison Photography
Katie Flaniken
Taunia Wheeler
USU – Uintah Basin

Bronze Sponsors

Individual Donors

Adreon Snow
Alison Fuchs
Angela Averett
Angela Hansen
Anna Harrison
Ashley Spencer
Becky Caton
Brandy Bowden
Brandy Miner
Bruce Tippets
Bryce Poulson
Carl Foley
Casey Reeves
Cassi Carlson
Cheryl Birchell
Chett Wills
Cindy Scott
Cindy Williams
Clinton Young
Courtney MacLee
Crystal Thomas
Dan Hatch
Danicia Christensen
Darlene Lewis
Diane Herrera
Diane Spackman
Donald Lopeparo
Donetta Egbert
Eliza Anderson
Emily Caldwell
Eric Haymond
Erin Peterson
Erin Watkins
Ethan Watkins
Gwenna Powell
Heather Hoyt
Heidi Bennion
Henry Allred
Isaac Francisco

Jamie Whiting
Janalee Collett
Jann Thacker
Jay & Erledine Wright
Jeanie Dykster
Jennifer Ewing
Jennifer Kidd
Jennifer Mascaro
Jennifer Nash
Jessica Evans
Jessica Warburton
Jessica Webb
Jill Boyd
Jill Slaugh
Joe Meanea
Joey Truman
Johanna De Oliveira
John Griffith
John Laursen
John Nooyen
Josh Harbison
Julianne Shook
Julie Runolfson
KaLynn Sheffer
Kara Young
Karen Loveless
Kariann Harrison
Kathy Farnsworth
Katie Bulloch
Katrina Harris
Kent & Gayle Brown
Kevin Struthers
Kim Justice
Kota Pedersen
Landon Doty
Laree Hurley
LaRena Caldwell
Larry McHaley
Larry Zubel
Laurie Brown
LeeAnn George
Les Monica Farnsworth
Lesley Feltch
Linda Mitchell
Linda Wilkey
Lindi Anderson
Lindsay Cook
Lindsay Karren
Liz Major
Lon & Janet Pearson
Lyndsay Brown
Lynn Whitman

Marcia Barber
Mary Fontes
Mary Pape
Meagan Batty
Megan Brown
Megan Pearson
Melanie Ellsworth
Melinda Brophy
Mike Boren
Mike Neilson
Mindy Smith
Myra Young
Natalie Miller
Nikell Eaton
Niki Nelson
Nikki Brickler
Noelle Newbold
Obern Mayes
Paul Harward
Penelope Hanberg
Rachel Taylor
Ricki Troendle
Robert Foley
Roxanne Slaugh
Ruth Ray
Sadie Dudley
Scott Weaver
Sheila Wallace
Stacy Abplanalp
Stephen Aycock
Stephani Richens
Sundrina Barlow
Susan Mansfield
Susan Stamper
Susie Hanberg
Talon Bowler
Tanna White
Tara Goodrich
Tarra Bristol
Taunia Wheeler
Timothy Scoggins
Tonya Glore
Tracy Beede
Trina Mortensen
Tyrel Hansen
Vernie Heeney
Veronica Stearmer
Wendy Winter
Willa Ray Dilworth

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Season 6 Corporate Sponsors and Donors

PLATINUM: Evans Family Media

DIAMOND: Kent & Gayle Brown, Triple B Field Services

GOLD: Cedar Bear Liquid & Herbal Supplements, Copy Stop, Lon & Janet Pearson, Reed Hansen, Vernal Chamber of Commerce

SILVER: Ducimus Digital Solutions, Joie Madison Photography, Katie Flaniken, Taunia Wheeler, Utah State University – Uintah Basin

BRONZE: Simplot, Uinta Veterinary Services, Vernal Rotary Club

DONORS: Adhley Spencer, Adreon Snow, Alicia White, Alison Fuchs, Amber Hadlock, Ammon Wise, Andrea Wardle, Angela Hansen, Araceli Monreal,
Ashleah Murray, Becky Caton, Benjamin Burger, Billie Bell, Brenda Butler, Bruce Tippets, Cameron Hadlock, Candace Harbison, Carmen McHaley, Cheryl Birchell, Chip Goodrich, Cindy Williams, Claudia Tait, Craig Carlson, Dan Hatch, Daniel Jensen, Danny Flannery, Debbie Bingham, Debra Higginson, Derek Meanea, Diane Hansen, Emily Bradley, Emily Goodrich, Erin Hacking, Erin Watkins, Erledine & Jay Wright, Ethan Watkins, Faith Schlaegel, Fayme Pettit, Gary Keyser, Gayle & Kent Brown, Heather Campbell, Heidi Bennion, Isaac Merrick, Janalee Collett, Janet Helco, Jeff Peacock, Jennifer Anderson, Jennifer Farnsworth, Jeri Shockey, Jessica Evans, Jessica Searle, Jessica Webb, Jessie Bowers, Johanna De Oliveira, John Griffith, John Moosman, John Nooyen, Jorden Fulkerson, Julee Betts, Julie Runolfson, Kallie Corbin, KaLynn Sheffer, Kami Holmes, Kara Young, Kari Rousch, Kathy Farnsworth, Katrina Harris, Kelsey Willoughby, Kristin Meanea, Kyana Trane, Kyle Lance, LaDonna Carlson, Landon Doty, Lani Gehring, Lezlee Whiting, Linda Mitchell, Linda Reid, Liz Major, Lon & Janet Pearson, Lyndsay Brown, Marcia Barber, Martha Kay, McKenzie Snow, Megan Pearson, Melinda King, Melissa Schmutz, Mike Gamble, Mindy Speirs, Misty Howard, Nate Gardner, Neil Jones, Nikki Kitchen, Obern Mayes, Paul Buchele, Rachel Taylor, Rebekah Anderson, Relin Wallis, Rick & Emily Walker, Robert Foley, Roger & Toni Oblad, Rosa Eaton, Sally Nielsen, Sarah Hall, Selena Pannell, Seth Lyman, Shawna Weaver, Sheryl Slaney, Stephen Aycock, Tabitha Meeks, Taunia Wheeler, TC George, Teresa Swisse, Terry Broadbent, Trinity Cordell, Vernie Heeney, Wendy Hadlock, Wendy Karren, Wendy Morton, Whitney Turner

Season 5 Corporate Sponsors and Donors

PLATINUM: Evans Family Media

DIAMOND: Kent & Gayle Brown

GOLD: Cedar Bear Liquid & Herbal Supplements, Copy Stop, Jolley Orthodontics, Lon & Janet Pearson, Triple B Field Services, Vernal Chamber of Commerce

SILVER: Joie Madison Photography, Katie Flaniken, Reed Hansen, Taunia Wheeler

BRONZE: Davis Food and Drug, Vernal Rotary Club

DONORS: Alisa Cook, Alison Fuchs, Allen Steckler, Amber Wilson, Andrea Wardle, Andrew Bentley, Aneida Jorgensen, Ashleigh Bentley, Ashley Slaugh, Aubrey Rust, Austin Woolard, Becky Williams, Brandt Litton, Cami Harrison, Carlene Slaugh, Cheryl Birchell, Chris Allen, Chris Oviatt, Claire Owens, Cliff Grua, Cynthia Day, Dan Feltch, Darlene Burns, David Lender, Delis Roper, Derrick & Rachel Hacking, Dinosaur River Expeditions, Doug & Melinda Barlow, Emily Arnold, Emily Clark, Emily Walker, Erin Batty, Erin Watkins, Gail Williams, Gayle Brown, Glenna Scott, Gregg Williams, Heather Hoyt, Heidi Bennion, Holly Wilson, Janet Helco, Jay & Erledine Wright, Jen Curtis, Jennifer Hall, Jennifer Young, Jessica Evans, John Griffith, Jonathan & Laurie Stearmer, Judy Kurtz, Kandis Lusk, Kara Young, Karen Johnson, Karen Kendall, Kasey Stansfield, Katie Hartle, Kedra Rust, Keith Foley, Kenna Rieske, Kenzy Anderson, Kevin Remington, Kindon Helco, LaRee Hurley, LeeAnn George, Linda Morgan, Lindi Anderson, Lon & Janet Pearson, Madison Shiner, Marlynn Liebhardt
Mike Gamble, Mimi Thomas, Nikki Kitchen, Obern Mayes, Paul Burchele, Quinn Balhorn, Rachel Fuchs, Rebecca Richards, Robin Odriscoll, Roxanne Peterson, Ruth John, Ryan Harding, Sally Nielsen, Sarah Anthony, Samantha Lapalme, Savannah Goodrich, Shayla Brinkerhoff, Sherry Brokaw, Spencer Day, Stacia Watkins, Stephanie Hardin, Stephanie & Bruce Tippets, Sterling Walker, Stormy Rimer, Sundrina Barlow, Susie Hanberg, Tabitha Meeks, Tanesha Nelson, Tanna White, Tara Goodrich, TC George, Teresa Arnold, Terra Miller, Thomas Cheney, Travis Slaugh, Trever Hunt, Trista Arellano, Tristie Mangus, Valerie Bobo, Van & Wendy Hadlock, Vernie Heeney, Wendy Keyser

Season 4 Corporate Sponsors and Donors

PLATINUM: Evans Family Media

GOLD: BHI, Copy Stop, Kent & Gayle Brown, Pickett Pest Control, Vernal Chamber of Commerce

SILVER: Cedar Bear Liquid and Herbal Supplements, Joie Madison Photography, Katie Flaniken, Taunia Wheeler

BRONZE: Larsen-Haslem Dental, Vernal Rotary Club

DONORS: Alan Harrison, Alena Johnson, Aljean Foley, Alisa Cook, Amanda Semadeni, Amber Oliver, Amy Merrill, Angela Hansen, Ashleah Murray, Ashley Slaugh, Audrey Butler, Becky Williams, Bobbi Atwood, Carole Anderson, Charlotte Hyde, Chelsie Goodrich, Cheryl Birchell, Cheryl Oldham, Cindy Williams, Clinton Young, Daralyn Batty, Darlene Burns, Elaine Limb, Elizabeth Sauve, Erin Batty, Erin Watkins, Erledine & Jay Wright, Ethan Watkins, Gary Schad, Glenna Scott, Harold Thompson, Heather Hoyt, Heidi Bennion, Jackie Colton, Janet & Lon Pearson, Jen Callentine, Jenna Farnsworth, Jennie Loy, Jennifer Bell, Jessica Bowden, Jessica Evans, Jessica Palacios, Jessica Warburton, Joel Mendoza, Jonathan Stearmer, Joseph Mckea, Judy Kurtz, Juli Miller, Kara Young, Karen Kendall, Karen Teuscher, Karla Slaugh, Kathy Farnsworth, Kelly Bingham, Kenna Rieske, Kent & Gayle Brown, Kenzy Anderson, Kevin Remington, Kim Labrum, Kinsley Kearl, Kurt Mower, LaDonna Carlson, Larena Caldwell, Les Farnsworth, Lewis Timothy, Marvin Wood, Mike Gamble, Monalee Shiner, Monica Farnswoth, Norman Hatch, Obern Mayes, Rebecca Richards, Robert Foley, Rosa Eaton, Ruth Hillam, Ryan Buerkle, Sarah Hawks, Shaelynn Terry, Shannon Staker, Shirley & Stephen Aycock, Shirley Eksund, Stefanie Mecham, Stephanie Tippets, Sterling Walker, Stewart Mortensen, Tanna White, Taunia Wheeler, Teala Wilson, Teresa Bradley, Trina Mortensen, Valarie Fiorelli, Valerie Bobo, Vernie Heeney, Veronica Stearmer, Wendy Hadlock

Season 3 Corporate Sponsors and Donors

PLATINUM: Steve Evans with KLCY, KVEL,, and the Fox 98.5

GOLD: Copy Stop, Kent & Gayle Brown, Roger & Toni Oblad, Pickett Pest Control

SILVER: BHI, Cedar Bear Liquid and Herbal Supplements, Joie Madison Photography, KFPrints, Lowes, Reed Hansen

BRONZE: Taunia Wheeler, Vernal Rotary Club

Alan Harrison, Alan Strebeck, Alberta Caldwell, Alexander Labrum, Aljean Foley, Allison Risbon, Amanda Semadeni, Amber Mckee, Amber Toler, Ammon Weimer, Amy Maclee, Andrea Wardle, Angela Hansen, Angela Lawton, Aspen Allred, Beckey Mcconkie, Blaire Martindale, Cal Dee Reynolds, Candace Huckabee, Carlene Slaugh, Carmen Freeman, Cash Fisher, Charles Cloward, Charles Powell, Chelsea Hacking, Chelsea Walker, Chris Allen, Chris Mcfarland, Clarence Groome, Cynthia Jessen, Crystal Allred, Crystal Lawton, Danika Mower, Dave & Myndee Hanberg, David & Kristin Forbis, David Rust
Denise Curtis, Dennis Dalton, Donald Lopeparo, Edith Barton, Ellen Watkins, Emily Walker, Emmarae Wright, Ethan Pettit, Erin Batty, Erin Watkins,  Erledine & Jay Wright, Eve Hyde, Faith Schlaegel, Gail S Jenkins, Garrett Parker, Heather Hoyt, Heidi Bennion, Holli Werkau, Holly Bryson, J Redford, Jackie Boren, Jami Mounga, Janet Crinklaw, Janet Helco, Janet & Lon Pearson​, Jason Coleman, Jeff Allen, Jeff Peacock, Jenny Noon, Jessica Eaton,  Jessica Evans, Jessica Warburton, Jill Boyd, Jillian Hardinger, Jimmy Hogue, Joe Patterson, Joel Benedicto, Joel Mendoza, John Griffith, Jordan Robbins,  Jordan Vanoostendorp, Judy Guinn, Julie Glines, Julie Justice, Julie Wilde, Kandis Lusk, Karla Slaugh, Kassy Murray, Kathy Farnsworth, Katie Gardiner,  Katrina Harris, Kedra Rust, Kelli Hanakeawe, Kellie Wright, Kelly Boren, Kenny Pearson, Kent & Gayle Brown, Kenzy Anderson, Kerissa Hayes,  Kimberly Kearl, Kindra Bellows, Kristine Brown, Kristine Jolley, Krystal Helms, Lacey Horrocks, Lacie Maylett, Lana Massey, Larena Caldwell, Larry Zubel,  Laura Harlow, Lee Slaugh, Leif Erickson, Les Farnsworth, Lewis Timothy, Lila Smart, Linda Grua, Lon & Janet Pearson, Lori Roberts, Lynn Nelson, Madison Shiner, Marandy Massey, Marcie Johnson, Marianne Morton, Mary Gata, Mary Linn Blanchard, Mccord Marshall, ​Megan Brown, Michele Groo, Mindy Smith, Myndee Hanberg, Myriah Moreno, Natasha Hadden, Obern Mayes, Paul Burchele, Preston Stewart,  Rachel Fuchs, Randell Cox, Rashelle Richardson, Rebecca Evans, Rebecca Richards, Ren Anderton, Rick Morton, Robert Foley, Robin McClellan, Roy Cramer, Ruth Hillam, Ryan Mattson, Sara Pittman, Sarah Wagner, Shalawna Rhoades, Sharon Breshears, Shayla Brinkerhoff, Shelby Fullbright, Sherry Hunting, Shidale Woody, Shirley & Stephen Aycock, Shirley Eksund, Sommer Korth, Sorsha Smith, Stephanie Hardin, Stephanie Reed-Tippets, Stephanie Schultz,  Stephanie Smith, Stephanie Troumbley, Sterling Walker, Stewart Mortenson, Suann Anderson, Susan Gale, Tamera Kendall, Tammy Mckee, Tammy Nak, Tanna White, Taunia Wheeler, Teala Wilson, Teresa Helm, Teresa Rasmussen, Terry Nelson, Theresa Nowling, Tina Hemstreet, Tina Powell, Trevor Harbison, Trina Mortenson,  Trish Mcdonald, Valerie Bobo, Vernie Heeney, Veronica Stearmer, Wendy Weight, Windy Barton

Season 2 Corporate Sponsors and Donors

PLATINUM: Steve Evans with KLCY, KVEL,, and the Fox 98.5

GOLD: Kent & Gayle Brown, Outlaw Trail Theater

SILVER: Copy Stop, KFPrints, Roger & Toni Oblad, Savage Services

BRONZE: Brad VanFleet, Cedar Bear Liquid & Herbal Supplements, Jolley Orthodontics, Reed Hansen, Taunia Wheeler, Techris Design

​Aaron Averett, Alexis Coon, Alisha Gilbert, Amanda Adams, Amanda Semadeni, Ammon Weimer, Andrea Wardle, Andrue Floyd, Angela Hansen, Ashley Larson, Barry Johnson, Becky Dastrup, Becky Gardiner, Becky Williams, Ben Munford, Boneta Brown,Brandon Aldridge, Breanna Nielson, Candace Huckabee, Catherine Reynolds, Christy Parker, Cindy Williams, Connie Maloney, Corbin Rich, Crystal Lawton, Cynthia Jessen, Daniel Hardin, David & Kristin Forbis, David Taylor, David Workman, Debbie Bingham, Dennis Spackman, Donald Lopeparo, Ethan Pettit, Erledine & Jay Wright, Eve Hyde, Faith Schlaegel, Gayle Allred, Heidi Bennion, Heidi Pilling, James Farell, James Richards, Janet & Lon Pearson, Jessica Bowden, Jessica Evans, Jonathan Stearmer, Judy Johnson, Kaitlyn Winterton, Kara Young, Katie Gardiner, Katrina Harris, Kedra Rust, Kent & Gayle Brown, Kevin Remington, Kristi Holmes, Lacey Horrocks, Larena Caldwell, Larissa Pearson, Lavell Olsen, Lenore Burgi, Les Farnsworth, Linda Grua, Linda Mott, Lisa Glines, Lynne Murray, Maragaret King, Martha Kay, Megan Brown, Michelle Coon, Mindy Brooksby, Monica Farnsworth, Natalie Evershed, Nicholas Day, Patti Griffin, Preston Stewart, Rachel Fuchs, Raeleen Orme, Rebecca Brady, Reva Richardson, Ron Litton, Sally Nielsen, Sara Hawks, Shelby Fullbright, Shelby Johnson, Silvana Powell, Shirley & Stephen Aycock, Stacy Lamb, Stephanie Shultz, Summer Anderson, Susan Barber, Susan Hanberg, Suzanne Bates, Tana Sutton, Terry Broadbent, Terry Nelson, Tina Hemstreet, Trina Mortensen, Vernie Heeney, Wendy Hadlock, Will Oostveen

Season 1 Corporate Sponsors and Donors

Savage Services, Batty & Young, PLLC, Steve Evans with KLCY, KVEL,, and the Fox, Keith Barton, Gayle Brown

​Alyssa Rust, Brenda Halbert, Brooke Fairbanks, Bruce North, Chris Piner, Clint & Kelly Johnson, Dakota Mecham, Emily Anderson, Emma Whiteside, Empress Theatre in Magna, Erin Batty, Erledine Wright, Gayle Brown, Heather Moore, Jada Stubbs, Janet Pearson, Janice Sharp, Jay Evans with Building Solutions, Jenny Jackson, Jessica Eaton, Jessica Evans, Jessica Francis, Jones Paint & Glass, Jordan & Hanna Evans, Jill Boyd, John Ipson, Julianne Clegg, Julie Justice, Kara Young, Kathy Farnsworth, Kiley Gross, Kristin Baldwin, Landon Manwaring, Linda Dahl, Lisa Carter, Mary Ann Abplanalp Savage, Rebecca Brady, Robin McClellan, Robin Ross, Ron Litton, Stephen Aycock, Steve Evans, Steve & Jane Newman, Tamra Massey, Trisha Dixon, Tyson Busch, Vernie Heeney, Windy Barton

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