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By helping our theatre, you are helping our community and getting recognized by our thousands of patrons as a business or individual who gives back to the community that we all love.

Why Vernal Theatre Live?

How many people will benefit directly from Vernal Theatre: LIVE efforts?
The community as a whole benefits from our project since the casts of the shows vary, which influences our
What is the primary focus of Vernal Theatre: LIVE?
Our mission is to create and promote educational arts opportunities while providing culture to our community.
Participants are given training to develop skills for personal self-improvement, character, and teamwork. Patrons
are exposed to art, culture, and emotion.
If other local organizations provide similar services, how is Vernal Theatre: LIVE unique?
Vernal Theatre: LIVE produces six theatrical productions, musicals and straight plays, September – April.
Providing year-round theatre opportunities allows participants consistency in creating dimension and versatility
in their abilities. Patrons are provided more opportunities to enjoy a variety of theatrical experiences.
How exactly will the funds donated to Vernal Theatre: LIVE be used?
Contributions are professionally managed. General donations are put toward the highest prioritized need for
the theatrical productions. Donation use may also be specified by the donor ie: costumes, production tracks,
restoration, etc.
Average Cost Per Show (Season 1):
Performance Rights & Royalties: $2,700*
Production/Rehearsal Tracks: $1,000*
Costumes: $300** Backstage Completion: $7,000
Season 1 Total Per Show: $4,500
Theatre Renovation Cost (Estimates):
Electrical: $17,000
Interior Restoration: $10,000
Set Construction: $500
Total: $34,000
How will this project address local community needs?
Vernal needs the Vernal Theatre: LIVE project to help revitalize downtown Vernal, providing an important boost
to the economy. This project will draw in tourism and aid Vernal and the Basin with growth in versatility. We
hire local electricians, carpenters and contractors to help in building restoration.
Our community is searching for resources to help better themselves, to help keep children engaged in positive
activities, and to have wholesome entertainment for families. Vernal Theatre: LIVE gives community members a
place to perform and share their talents individually as well as in families. The building is for community use. In
addition to our productions, other use has been dance recitals, concerts, and private business events.
How does Vernal Theatre: LIVE measure growth?
Growth is measured by seeing continued expansion of our programs. We love to see a variety of participants
both on the stage and in the audience. We desire to attract professionals who are interested in helping facilitate a
creative learning environment where participants and patrons grow in the Arts.

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